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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 27

PART 1 Lesson 27

No 112. Exercise 1.

А. Давайте вспомним, как люди обычно знакомятся. Послушайте.

М. г.: Hi! My name is Jack. I am from Great Britain. I am eight. Ж. г.: Hi! I am Kate. I am from Russia. I am seven.
В. Слушай и повторяй. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)

 No 113. Exercise 2.            

Послушай, что рассказывает Майк о себе и своей семье.

I am Mike. I am from America. I am eight. I’ve got a mother. Her name is Helen.

I’ve got a father. His name is Peter. I’ve got a sister. She is a little girl. She is three.

I haven’t got a brother. I’ve got a grandfather and a grandmother, too. I haven’t got aunts but I’ve got two uncles. I love my family.

No 114 Exercise 9

Читай за диктором. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)

I have got a friend. His name is Henry. He is from Boston, too. He is six. His telephone number is 915-14-17. I often phone him.

We like to play at home. We like to draw. We play board games and watch TV.
We like to go to the Zoo and watch little bears and funny monkeys.

How we love them all!