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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 32

PART 1 Lesson 32

No 117. Exercise 3.

Прослушай рассказ и скажи, что ты узнал об этой девочке. 

Она дружит со своим братом?


Hi! I am Jane. I am from Great Britain, from London. I am ten.

My telephone number is 215-67-49.


I’ve got a brother. His name is Jack. He is eight.


My brother and I like to play. We like to play board games and read books. Jack likes to play computer games. He likes to play the guitar. And I like to play the piano.


My grandmother and grandfather like to watch television. They like to read books, too.


My brother and I like to go to the park. In the park we ride on a merry-go-round or on a big wheel. We roller-skate in the park, too.


We like to go to the Zoo with Granny. We watch monkeys and bears there. They are so funny! At the Zoo we like to ride a pony. It’s fun to be at the Zoo!

 No 118. Exercise 6.            

А. Послушай I часть песни «Я ученик».

I Am a Pupil


I am a pupil.

He is a pupil.

She is a pupil, too.

I am not a doctor.

I am a pupil

And I like you.

B.Слушай и повторяй. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)

C.Пой вместе с нами. (Звучит песня.)

D.Пой под музыку. (Звучит только музыка.)