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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 38

PART 1 Lesson 38

No 130. Exercise 1.

A. Listen to the boy’s story and answer the questions. 

(Прослушай рассказ мальчика и ответь на вопросы.)

I am Nick. My father, mother and sister are from Russia, from Kursk. My father is an engineer. He works in a car plant. I like to go to his car plant and watch computers, robots, cars. Many workers work in the plant.

My sister is nine. She likes to go to the hospital. Our mother is a doctor. She works in the hospital. But I want to be an engineer. And my sister wants to be a doctor.

B. Answer the questions.

1. Where is the family from?

2. Does Nick like to go to the plant or to the hospital?

3. Why does he like to go to the car plant?

4. Who works in the plant?

5. Why does his sister like to go to the hospital?