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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 45

PART 1 Lesson 45

No 140. Exercise 3.

A. Listen and try to guess. (Послушай и попытайся догадаться, о чём идёт речь.)

Snow — снег, a snowball — snowballs, to play snowballs. In winter children like to play snowballs.

Догадались? A snowball? (пауза) Верно: снежок.

A snowman — snowmen, to make a snowman.

In winter children can make snowmen.

Догадались? A snowman? (пауза) — Снеговик.

В. Listen and repeat. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)

 [əʊ] snow (3), snowball (3), a snowball — snowballs, to play snow balls.

Boys and girls like to play snowballs in winter.

— Do you like to play snowballs?

— Of course, I do. I play snowballs with great pleasure.

— Can your little sister play snowballs? — No, she can’t.

Snowman, a snowman — snowmen, to make a snowman.

Children like to make snowmen in winter.

— Can you make a snowman?

— Yes, I can.

[ʤ] sledge (3), a sledge, a sledge. Have you got a sledge?

— What colour is your sledge? — My sledge is yellow.

To sledge. I like to sledge. — Does your little brother like to sledge?

— No, he doesn’t like to sledge. He likes to play snowballs.

Do you fall when you sledge?

[æ] fan (3), a fan — fans. Boris is a hockey fan. Are you a football fan? We can see many fans in the stadium.

 No 141. Exercise 7.            

Listen to the story and get ready to answer your teacher’s questions. 

(Послушай историю и приготовься отвечать на вопросы учителя.)

Hello! My name is Jack. I am from Canada. We are a family of four. I love my family very much. We are a sports family. We all like summer and winter sports.

My father is a good tennis player. But I can’t play tennis very well. My father teaches my mother and me to play tennis.

My mother can swim very well. She teaches my brother, who is five, toswim. We have a lot of fun in the swimming pool.

I like to play badminton in summer and to skate in winter. I teach my brother to play badminton but he can’t play it very 
well. He is too small.

But we all run in the morning and we like it very much.