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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 46

PART 1 Lesson 46

No 142. Exercise 8.

A. Listen to the girl’s story and answer the questions. 

(Послушай, что девочка рассказывает о себе и ответь на вопросы.)

Hello, my friends!

My name is Vera. I am from Tula, from Russia. I am eight. We are a family of five. I’ve got a father, a mother, a sister and a brother.

My father is a good sportsman. He likes to play football in summer and hockey in winter. He is a good hockey player.

My mother can play badminton and tennis. I like to play badminton with my mother.

My sister, my brother and I like to swim. So in summer we go to the swimming pool together and have a good time there.

But in winter we go to the skating-rink. My sister dances on the ice and my brother can play hockey with our father.

And what about you? Do you like summer or winter sports?



 В. Answer the questions. (Записано с паузами для ответов.)

1. Where is Vera from?

2. Is her family large?

3. What games does her father like to play in summer and in winter?

4. Can her mother play baseball?

5. What games can she play?

6. Where do the children like to go in summer?

7. What do they like to do in winter?