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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 12

PART 1 Lesson 12

 No 14. Exercise 4.

Learn how to pronounce and use the new words. Listen and repeat.


[æ]  black, blackboard, a blackboard  — blackboards, on the blackboard, at the

      blackboard.  Is there an English word on the blackboard? Mary is at the


[ʊ]   book, bookcase, a bookcase — bookcases, in the bookcase.— What is there

      in the bookcase?  —  There are a lot of books, exercise books and pencils

      in it. We've got two bookcases in our classroom.

[w]   winter, window, a window — windows, an open window, to look out of the

      window, near the window. How many windows are there in the classroom?

      There are two windows in it.

[ɔ:]  four, door, a door —  doors, a white door, at the door, to open the door.

      What colour is the door in your classroom? Look at the door. Why isn't it


[ɔ:]  floor, on the floor. What is there on the floor? What colour is the floor in

      your classroom?

[ɔ:]  ball, wall, a wall — walls, on the wall, near the wall. The bookcase is at

      the wall.— What colour are the walls in your classroom? — The walls are


[i]   pig' picture,  a picture  — pictures, a beautiful picture, a little picture, my

      favourite picture,  in the  picture. What can you see in the picture? There

      are three pictures on the wall.

[ei]  make, late, late — later, to be late for school, to be late for classes. Don't

      be late again!  She is never late for school. Are they always late for class-

      es? I'm sorry, I'm late. It's never too late to learn.