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PART 1 Lesson 17

№ 22

[aʊ]   house, a house [haʊs] — houses ['haʊziz], a big house, a comfortable house. There are a lot of new houses in our street. What colour is your house? There are four rooms in my country house.

[i]   kitchen ['kitʃin], a kitchen — kitchens, a nice kitchen. There is a little kitchen in the place where I live. Is there any brown bread in the kitchen? How many kitchens have you got?

[a:]   pass, bathroom ['ba:Ɵrʊm], a bathroom — bathrooms, a warm bathroom. There are two bathrooms in their house. What colour are the walls in your bathroom? arm, rather ['ra:ðə], rather well, rather famous, rather important. It’s rather difficult to learn it by heart. The text is rather easy. It’s a rather cold day. Which would you rather have, tea or coffee? — Would you like to join us? — Rather.
[ɔi]   a boy, toilet ['tɔɪlɪt], a toilet — toilets, a little toilet, a clean toilet. Have you got a toilet in your country house?

['аʊə]   our, flower ['flaʊə], a flower — flowers, a beautiful flower, nice flowers. Where shall I put the flowers? I want to buy some flowers as a birthday present.

[ʌ]   come, front [frʌnt], in front of, in front of the house, in front of the museum, in front of your school. — What is there in front of the teacher’s table? — There’s a blackboard in front of it. There are not many flowers in front of my granny’s house, are there?

[aɪ]   find, behind [bɪ'haɪnd], behind the house, behind the forest, behind the door. Are there any fruit trees behind your school? What is there behind your new house?

   Listen to the dialogue.  

23. Then read and learn it bv heart.
Nancy: Do you live near London?

Fred: Yes, I do. In a small house.

Nancy: Is your house comfortable?

Fred: Rather. It’s small but nice with a large kitchen and a bathroom.

Nancy: Do you like your house?

Fred: Oh, it’s great. It’s not far from London. I like it very much. There are a lot of beautiful flowers in front of my house and there are three old apple trees behind it. Come and see me some day. You are always welcome!