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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 18

PART 1 Lesson 18

No 24. Exercise 5.

[u:]  room, a living room ['lɪvɪŋ rʊm], a bedroom ['bedrʊm], a living room — living rooms, a bedroom — bedrooms, a comfortable living room, a small bedroom. We haven’t got a large living room in our house. There is a piano [p'ɪænəʊ] in the living room. How many bedrooms are there in your house?

[ɔ:]  all, hall, a hall — halls, in the hall. I left my bag in the hall. What is there in the hall?

[æ]  bad, back, a back door, to come back, to give back, in the back. Is there a back door in your house? My front door is open, my back door is not. When will she give my book back? We never come back late. My bedroom is at the back of the house.

[a:]  arm, car [kа:], a car — cars, to go by car. Have you got a car? There are many cars in the street. — Did you walk there or did you go by car? — I went there by car.

[aʊ]  house, shout, to shout — shouted, to shout at somebody. Who are you shouting at? Why are you shouting? I can hear you well. The television is working, somebody is shouting on it. She never shouts in the classroom. Never shout at little children and animals.

[i:]  tea, key, a key — keys, a small key, a house key, a car key, the keys to my room. — Where are the keys?

—    They are in the hall. My keys are in my bag, aren’t they?

[ɒ]  clock, lock, to lock — locked. She always locks the door when she leaves the house. The door is locked, isn’t it? The front door is open, but the back door is locked.

No 25. Exercise 7.


No 26. Exercise 12.

Anna: Who has the keys?

Bob: What keys?

Anna: My keys. Where are they?

Bob: 1 thought you had them.

Anna: Oh, no. I gave them to you.

Bob: I’m afraid you’re wrong. I don’t have your keys.

Anna: Oh, dear, oh, dear! Where can they be?

Bob: Anna! Look over there! Here they are! On the table, just under your bag.