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PART 1 Lesson 19

No 27. Exercise 5.

[æ]  cat, flat, a flat — flats, a rather large flat, a comfortable flat. Is there a kitchen in your flat? I can’t open the front door of my flat as I have no keys.

[u:]  room, dining room, sitting room, a dining room — dining rooms, a sitting room — sitting rooms. There is no dining room in my flat. Is there a large table in your dining room? Their sitting room is very comfortable. I’ve got a sitting room and two bedrooms in my flat.

[еə]  chair, upstairs, to go upstairs, to come upstairs, to live upstairs. There are two bedrooms upstairs. What rooms are there upstairs?

downstairs, to go downstairs, to be downstairs. Ann is downstairs in the sitting room. Please go downstairs and phone [fəʊn] the doctor. The toilet is downstairs near the bathroom.

[əʊ]  close, sofa, a sofa — sofas, a comfortable sofa, a bright sofa. What colour is the sofa in your sitting room? What is there behind the sofa? The TV is in front of the sofa.

[еə]  chair, armchair, an armchair — armchairs, in the arm chair. — Are there any armchairs in the hall? — No, there aren’t any. — What colour is the armchair in your living room?

—    It’s yellow. My old armchair is very comfortable.

['аɪə]  fire, fireplace ['faɪəpleɪs] (fire), a fireplace — fireplaces. There is often a fireplace in an English house. We haven’t got a fireplace in our sitting room. There are two armchairs in front of the fireplace.

No 28. Exercise 11.

Kitty: Where do you live?

David: Near Hyde Park.

Kitty: In a flat or in a house?

David: In a flat. Houses are terribly expensive.

Kitty: What’s your flat like?

David: It’s small but comfortable and it’s near my school.