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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 20

PART 1 Lesson 20

No 29. Exercise 4.

[ʌ]  love, lovely, a lovely girl, a lovely tree, lovely children. It was lovely of you to invite me here. What lovely hair you have! The weather is lovely today, isn’t it? What a lovely song!

[ʌ]  wonder, wonderful, a wonderful place, a wonderful flower, wonderful books. Last month we went to London and had a wonderful day there. What wonderful weather we are having today!

[з:]  bird, furniture ['fз:nɪʧə], old furniture, new furniture, comfortable furniture. There is a lot of furniture in the sitting room. There was no furniture in the house. What colour is the furniture in the kitchen? How much is the furniture? Is the furniture expensive?

[з:]  curtain ['kз:tn], a curtain — curtains, bright curtains, curtains on the windows, to draw the curtains. There are no curtains on the windows in my new flat yet. Mother would like to buy new curtains for our dining room.

[ɔ:]  sport, corner, a corner — corners, in the corner, in the corner of the hall, in the corner of the kitchen. There is a bookcase in the corner of our classroom. We’ve got a TV set in the corner of the room.

[ɪ]  kitten, middle, in the middle, in the middle of the room, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer. There is a lovely carpet in the middle of the hall.

[ɪ]  sit, mirror, a mirror — mirrors, a magic mirror, a small mirror.

— Is there a mirror in the room? — Yes, there is. There are two large mirrors upstairs. What is there behind the mirror?

['aɪə]  fire, quiet, a quiet room, a quiet street, a quiet sea, a quiet evening. They would like to live a quiet life in the country. Be quiet, Ben, stop shouting, please! It is usually quiet in my room. I like to spend a quiet evening at home.

 No 30. Exercise 13.            

Mum: Let’s have lunch, Pete. Are you hungry?

Pete: Yes, I am. Shall I set the table in the kitchen or in the dining room?

Mum: Let’s eat in the kitchen. I’m in a hurry. What are you going to have?

Pete: Some cold meat and salad, a sandwich ['sænwɪʤ] and a glass of orange juice. What are you going to have?

Mum: Cold meat, salad, juice... That sounds good. I think I’ll have the same.