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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 21

PART 1 Lesson 21

No 31. Exercise 5.

[aɪ]  invite, describe [dɪ'skraɪb], to describe — described, to describe a picture, to describe a film. Please describe what you saw. Words can’t describe it. Can you describe it to me? Shall I describe my flat to you?

[ɔ:]  warm, wardrobe ['wɔ:drəʊb], a wardrobe — wardrobes, a large wardrobe, an old wardrobe. There are two wardrobes in my parents’ bedroom. I keep my clothes in the wardrobe. As you come into the room you can see a wardrobe on the left. Where is the wardrobe in your room?

[e]  next, next to, next to my school. Come and sit down next to me. What is there next to your house? My parents’ bedroom is next to my room.

[æ]  man, lamp, a lamp — lamps, a street lamp, a standard lamp, a standard lamp — standard lamps. There is a standard lamp next to the mirror. I’ve got a new standard lamp in the corner of my sitting room.

[ɪ]  think, sink, a sink — sinks. There is a sink in my kitchen. I always wash cups and glasses in the sink. — Where is your favourite cup? — Sorry, it is in the sink.

[a:]  park, garden, a garden — gardens. We’ve got a wonderful garden behind our house. There are different plants in her garden. There is no garden next to the hotel.

[ɒ]    hot, opposite ['ɒpəzɪt], opposite the house, opposite the hotel.

My room is    opposite my parents’ bedroom. Our kitchen is

opposite the    bathroom. There is a river behind our house,

just opposite    the garden. My school is opposite my house.

[ʊ]  cook, cooker, a cooker — cookers. In my kitchen the cooker is next to the table. Where is the cooker in your kitchen? What colour is the cooker in your friends’ kitchen?

 No 32. Exercise 10.            


Susan: Oh, Alice! I hear you’ve got a new flat! How do you like it?

Alice: Oh, I like it a lot. It’s nice. You’ll like it too.

Susan: How many rooms are there in your flat?

Alice: There are five. We’ve got a sitting room, two bedrooms, my granny’s room and a kitchen. Come and see me some day.

Susan: When’s the best time to come?

Alice: We’re usually at home after 6.

Susan: Are you sure it’s OK to come round 7?

Alice: Of course it is.