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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 24

PART 1 Lesson 24

No 36. Exercise 1.

[aʊ] now, town [taʊn], a town — towns, in town, out of town. There are a lot of small towns in the South of England. My grandmother left town three years ago and now she lives in the country. My grandfather doesn’t live in town. We always spend weekends out of town.

[ɪ] sit, city ['sɪtɪ], a city — cities, one of the biggest cities in the world, the city of London. There are many big cities in England. — Is Moscow a big city? — It certainly is.

[eə] bear, square [skweə], a square — squares, Red Square, a small square, a quiet square. There are two squares in our town. — Are there any squares in your city? — Oh, yes, a lot. We live in Moscow near Red Square.

[eɪ] rain, main [meɪn], the main idea, the main street of a town. This is the main thing to remember. What is the main square in your city? What’s the main idea of the book?

[ɪ] big, cinema ['sɪnəmə], a cinema — cinemas, at the cinema, to be on at the cinema. A cinema is a place where people can watch films. I usually go to the cinema once or twice a month. — What is on at the “Mir” today?

—    I don’t know. The “Mir” cinema is far from my house.

[ɪə]    near, theatre ['Ɵɪətə], a theatre — theatres, to go to the theatre. Is there a theatre near here? Do you live far from the theatre? Do you know the Moscow theatres well? — How often do you go to the theatre? — Only once in two months.

[з:] sir, church [ʧз:ʧ], a church — churches, in the church, near the church. There were many people in the church when we came. — Is there a church in your town? — Yes, there is.

It is in Main Square. The old church was very beautiful. There are many old churches in this city.

[əʊ] coat, road [rəʊd], a road — roads, a road in the country, a quiet road, to live in Main Road.—Are the roads in your town very good? — I don’t think so. Where is the road to Boston?

 No 37. Exercise 6.  

Andy: Excuse me. Could you help me?

Pete: Sure. What do you want?

Andy: Where is 42 Green Street, please?

Pete: Oh, that’s easy. Walk to the corner and then turn to the left.

Andy: To the corner and then to the left?

Pete: That’s right And then walk two blocks to the traffic lights. And you are in Green Street.

Andy: Thank you.