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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 26

PART 1 Lesson 26

No 39. Exercise 4.

[e] ready, already [ɔ:l'redɪ]. I have already cooked    dinner.    Nick

has already played football, now he’s going    home.    Paul

has already finished his homework, now he    is not    busy. They have already answered your question.

[ʌ] but, just [ʤʌst]. Nick has just finished playing hockey. They have just started reading “Cinderella”. My cousin has just watered the flowers in our garden.

[e] never, ever ['evə]. Have you ever cooked chicken soup? Have you ever dressed your little brother? Have you ever tried on high boots?

yet [jet]. Have you done it yet? She has not finished it yet.

[ɪ] big, build [bɪld], to build — built — built, to build a house, to build a road, to build a church. They have already built a new school. The people who came to England many years ago built a new town on the river.

building ['bɪldɪŋ]. There are a lot of new buildings in Moscow now.

bridge [briʤ], a bridge — bridges, to build a bridge. They have built a new bridge over the river. Are there any bridges over the Moskva river? What a wonderful bridge!

 No 40. Exercise 10.            


(After Caroline Graham)


Have you ever seen the beaches of Mexico?

Have you ever walked the streets of Paris ['pærɪs]?

Have you ever been to England?

Have you ever been to Spain [speɪn]?

Have you ever walked barefoot

In a heavy rain?