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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 27

PART 1 Lesson 27

No 41. Exercise 6.

[e] pen, century ['seʧərɪ], a century — centuries, two centuries ago, last century, in the nineteenth century. People have built many new cities this century. Pushkin lived in the 19th century. The Romans went to England many centuries ago.

] come, become [bɪ'kʌm], to become — became — become, to

become a teacher, to become a doctor, to become old. I know my sister is going to become a singer. It is becoming late.

[eɪ] rain, afraid [ə'freɪd], to be afraid of smb/smth. I’m not afraid of you. Don’t be afraid of dogs, they are clever animals. Who is afraid of going there? I’m afraid we’re late, wake up ['weɪk 'ʌр], to wake up — woke up — woken up.—

When do you usually wake up? — I usually wake up very late in the morning. My granny woke up early yesterday. Be quiet, Ben, your mother hasn’t woken up yet.

[з:] fur, burn [Ьз:n], to burn — burnt — burnt, to burn a cake. The fire is burning. We went to the river and saw a big fire burning there. “My house has burnt! Oh, my!” cried the old woman.

dirty ['dз:tɪ] — dirtier — (the) dirtiest, a dirty street, dirty clothes, dirty glasses, a dirty room. Look at your hands. They are dirty. It’s rather dirty here, I’m afraid. The city became dirtier and dirtier.

[ɪ] rich [rɪʧ] — richer — (the) richest, a rich city, a rich country, a rich colour, rich people. My uncle is very rich but he is not a millionaire [ ,mɪljə'neə]. — Is England a rich country?

—    I think it is.

[a:] dark — darker — (the) darkest, a dark night, in the dark sky, dark green, a dark brown dress. — It is getting dark, isn’t it?

—    It has already become dark. It was dark in the room.

 No 42. Exercise 11.            


(After Caroline Graham)


Have you ever been in trouble? 

Have you ever been in pain? 

Have you ever been in love?

Would you like to do it all again?