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PART 1 Lesson 9

 No 7. Exercise 1. Learn how to pronounce and use the new words. Listen and repeat.


 [ʌ]  the sun, Sunday, Monday, on Sunday, on Monday, last Monday, next Sunday,

      this Monday, every Sunday. On Sundays we don't go to school. In Russia

      Monday is the first day of the week, in Great Britain it is Sunday. What

      day comes after Monday?


[ju:] you, Tuesday, on Tuesday, next Tuesday. Tuesday comes after Monday.Where

      do you usually go on Tuesday? Do you go to the sports ground on Tuesday?


 [w]  well, Wednesday, on Wednesday. Last Wednesday my mum had a birthday

      party. Do you play tennis every Wednesday?


[з:]  her, Thursday, on Thursday, this Thursday. Thursday is my father's day off.

      Does Granny usually cook anything tasty on Thursday?


[ai]  my, Friday, on Friday. Last Friday we went to the pet shop and bought a

      nice little hamster for my sister. Next Friday I'll go to the swimming pool.


[i:]  she, meet, to meet — met, meet friends. Meet my sister. It's nice to meet

      you. When shall we meet? We'll meet on Wednesday. We met last Friday.


[a:] father, laugh, to laugh —  laughed (at), to laugh at good jokes. When I

     saw a funny monkey, I laughed a lot. Never laugh at old people. I wonder

     what he is laughing at.

No 8. a) Open your textbook, Exercise 9.

Listen to the song "We Met on Sunday". Part I.

                                We Met on Sunday

            I. We met on Sunday, the first of July.

               We talked on Monday, the second of July.

               On Sunday we met and on Monday we talked, 

               That was the second of July.

                  We smiled on Tuesday, the third of July.

                  On Sunday we met, and on Monday we talked.

                  On Tuesday we smiled, on the third of July.

               We laughed on Wednesday, the fourth of July.

               On Sunday we met and on Monday we talked,

               On Tuesday we smiled and on Wednesday we laughed,

               On the fourth of July.


b)   Read after the speaker.

c)   Sing with us.

d)   Sing to the music.