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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 47

PART 2 Lesson 47

No 143. Exercise 1.

Learn to say where the toys are. Listen and repeat. 

(Записано с паузами для повторения.)

[ei] table (3), a table — tables, a brown table. I’ve got a little table. On the table. Are her toys on the table? My bear is not on the table.

Take (3), take it, please. Take the ball from the table.

[ɒ] box (3), a box — boxes, a big box. The box is on the table.

The camel is in the box.

[ʌ] under (3), under the table. The cat is not on the table.

It is under the table. It is in the box.

[еə] chair (3), a chair — chairs, on the chair, under the chair.

— Where is the bear?

— The bear is on the chair.

— What is under the chair?

— The monkey is. It is in the box.

[æ] bag (3), a bag — bags, in the bag, out of the bag, a big bag.

His skates are in his big bag. A little bag. Take your tennis ball out of the bag.

[ʊ] put (3). Put it on the table, please. Take the doll and put it in the box. Put the ball into the bag.