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Тексты аудиокурса 2 класс к Уроку 71

PART 2 Lesson 71

No 174. Exercise 3.

Learn to pronounce and use the new words and expressions. Listen and repeat. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)

[ei] shake, brave (3), a brave boy, a brave officer. — Is this skier brave? — Yes, he is. Do you want to be brave?

Afraid (3), be afraid of (3). I am not afraid of barking dogs. — What are you afraid of? — I am not afraid of anything. I am brave.

[ai] fine, fly (3) — летать, I fly, he flies. The boy wants to be a pilot and fly in a plane. I want to fly into the “Blue”, I want to swim as fishes do.

[u:] Zoo, room (3), a room — rooms (3). We’ve got three rooms. My room is nice. I’ve got many toys and books in my room. How many rooms have you got?

[a:] hard, dark, a dark room, a dark street, to come into a dark room. He was afraid to come into a dark room.

 No 175. Exercise 9.            

A. Listen to the poem “Lamp” and learn it by heart.


If you want to read or write

In the evening or at night

Put me here, switch on the light

On your left, not on your right.

B. Listen and repeat. (Записано с паузами для повторения.)