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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 31

PART 1 Lesson 31

No 49. Exercise 4.

[æ] apple, travel ['trævl], to travel — travelled, to travel by car, to travel to the North, to travel about the country. Have you ever travelled to Africa? My friend has never travelled by car.

[eɪ] May, stay [steɪ], to stay — stayed, to stay at the hotel, to stay with parents, to stay for a week. Where are you going to stay in Moscow? Last summer I stayed with my grandparents out in the country.

late, plane [pleɪn], a plane — planes, to go by plane, to get by plane, to travel by plane, on the plane. It takes me an hour to get to Moscow by plane. Were there many people on the plane during your last trip? rain, train [treɪn], a train — trains, to go by train, to get by train, to travel by train, on the train. I don’t think it is very comfortable to travel by train.

railway station ['reɪlweɪ ,steɪʃn], a railway station — railway stations, the largest railway station in London. There are 

three railway stations in Komsomolskaya Square in Moscow. How long does it take us to get to the nearest railway station by taxi ['tæksɪ]?
[ʌ] us, bus [bʌs], a bus — buses, a bus stop, at the bus stop, a number Seven bus. London buses are often red.

[i:] sea, seaside ['si:saɪd], at the seaside, to go to the seaside. I spent my summer at the seaside last year.
cheap [tʃi:p], cheap — cheaper — the cheapest, a cheap dress, a cheap house. — Is your new dress cheap or expensive?

 No 50. Exercise 10.            

A:  How was your trip?

B:  Fantastic!

A:  Did you go to the Black Sea?

B:  We did. We spent a week at the seaside.

A:  Did you stay at the hotel? What was it like?

B:  It was excellent.

A:  What were the people like?

B:  They were very friendly.

A:  How lucky you are!