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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 32

PART 2 Lesson 32

No 51. Exercise 7.

[aɪ] child, find [faɪnd], to find — found — found, to find a road, to find a book, to find the answer to the question. I can’t find the money anywhere. Have you found the key? I can never find my pen.

my, fly [flaɪ], to fly — flew — flown, to fly by plane, to fly in the sky, to fly south, to fly east, to fly quickly. Some birds that live in the north fly south for the winter, dry,

cry [kraɪ], to cry — cried, to cry for help. The baby will cry when it is hungry. The house was on fire, the man in it cried for help. “Hurry up!” Alice cried.

[i:] meat, steal [sti:l], to steal — stole — stolen, to steal money, to steal a bag, to steal a horse. Somebody has stolen her bag. The burglar tried to steal a television set.

[eə] pair, airport ['eəpɔ:t], an airport — airports, to go to Kennedy Airport, to fly from Sheremetyevo Airport. It took him two hours to get to Heathrow ['hi:Ɵrəʊ] Airport.

[ɪ] sick, ticket ['tɪkɪt], a ticket — tickets, to buy tickets, a ticket to London, a ticket for a London train. Have you bought the tickets yet?

[ʌ] cup, luggage ['lʌgɪʤ], a lot of luggage, little luggage. I don’t like to travel with a lot of luggage. — Where is your luggage, please? — Here it is.

[a:] last, fast [fa:st]:

1) a fast train, a fast horse, a fast trip, fast food. The clock is half an hour fast. I would like to go to London by a fast train.

2) to walk fast, to go fast, to run fast, to read fast, to write fast, to speak fast. Don’t run so fast!

 No 52. Exercise 14.            


Over the mountains,

Over the plains, 

Over the rivers

Here come trains.

         Carrying passengers, 

         Carrying mail, 

         Over the country

         Here come trains.