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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 33

PART 2 Lesson 33

No 53. Exercise 7.

[eɪ] take, shake [eɪʃk|, to shake — shook — shaken, to shake a head, to shake hands with smb, to shake apples from the tree, to shake a man by the shoulders. He shook his head in answer to my question. Do all people shake hands when they meet?

main, explain [ɪk'spleɪn], to explain — explained, to explain the way, to explain words to pupils, to explain how to get to the place. Excuse me, can you explain it to me? I couldn’t explain the new grammar to my friend, straight [streɪt]: 1) a straight street, a straight road, a straight line. There are many wide, straight streets in Moscow. 2) to go straight, to walk straight. — How do I get there?

—    Go straight ahead and you’ll see it.

[aɪ] find, kind [kaɪnd], kind — kinder — (the) kindest, a kind man, a nice, kind girl. She is very kind. Be kind to animals. It was very kind of you to help us.

[ɔɪ] boy, voice [vɔɪs], a voice — voices, a sweet voice, a loud voice, in a kind voice, in a quiet voice. He always speaks in a quiet voice to me.

[æ] bad, sad [sæd], sad — sadder — (the) saddest, a sad woman, a sad voice, to speak in a sad voice, to look sad. Anna looks sad, her grandmother is ill. It was a sad day.

[ʌ] puppy, ugly ['ʌglɪ], ugly — uglier — (the) ugliest, an ugly face, an ugly old witch. In many fairy tales ugly animals become beautiful people. Does she always wear ugly clothes?

[e] get, forget [fə'get], to forget — forgot — forgotten, to forget a word, to forget a song, to forget a place, to forget to do smth. Don’t forget to go there! — Have you done the shopping? — Oh, dear, I forgot. I shall never forget it.

 No 54. Exercise 13.            


A: When is the train to Liverpool ['lɪvəpu:l], please?

B: 3.15, madam.

A: Which platform?

B: Platform seven.

A: How much is the ticket?

B: Single or return?

A: Return, please.

B: That will be 14 pounds.

A: Here you are.

B: Thank you, madam.

A: Thank you.