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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 34

PART 2 Lesson 34

No 55. Exercise 7.

[eɪ] date, plate [pleɪt], a plate — plates, on the plate, a small, white plate. Are there any plates on the table?

[aɪ] five, arrive [ə'raɪv], to arrive — arrived, to arrive in England, to arrive in a big city, to arrive at a small town, to arrive at the airport, to arrive at the railway station. He arrived yesterday. When is the plane arriving? My friends have not arrived in Moscow yet.

[i:] meet, feel [fi:l], to feel — felt — felt, to feel well (fine), to feel bad, to feel hungry, to feel like doing smth. — How do you feel? — I’m fine. He doesn’t feel well today. He feels bad. I feel like going to the theatre tonight. Nick doesn’t feel like reading now, he feels like playing football.

[i:] meat, weak [wi:k], weak — weaker — (the) weakest, a weak boy, a weak old lady, a weak smile, in a weak voice. He was ill for two weeks and now he feels weak.
[ɒ] song, strong [strɒŋ], strong — stronger — (the) strongest, a strong animal, a strong man. Who is the strongest boy in your class? Elephants are stronger than horses.

[ɪ] river, silver ['sɪlvə]: 1) Is there any silver here?

2) a silver plate, a silver cup, silver skates. There are some silver cups on the table. Have you read “Silver Skates” by Mary Mapes Dodge?

[æ] cap, perhaps [pə'hæps]. Perhaps he is right but I’m not sure. I don’t know when we’ll be back, perhaps at seven.

[ɪə] near, nearly ['nɪəlɪ]. It is nearly ten o’clock. I nearly forgot your birthday. It is nearly midnight. It’s nearly time to start.

 No 56. Exercise 13.            


                    (By S. Tippet)

Over the river,          Watching the seagulls,

Over the bay            Laughing with friends,

Ferryboats travel     I’m always sorry

Every day.                When the trip ends.

No 57. Exercise 14

A: I would like a ticket to Moscow, please.

B: When are you going to fly?

A: Today or tomorrow, I think.

B: Just a minute. I think flight 305 is the best for you. A: When is the flight?

B: 7.40.

A: Excellent. Flow much is the ticket?

B: Business ['bɪznɪs] or tourist ['tʊərɪst] class?

A: Tourist class, please. Business class is too expensive.