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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 35

PART 2 Lesson 35

No 58. Exercise 7.

[з:] first, journey ['ʤз:nɪ], a journey—journeys, an interesting journey, a journey lasting three days, a three-day journey, to go on a journey. A journey is a long trip. Are you going on a journey this week?

[ɔɪ] boy, voyage ['vɔɪɪʤ], a voyage — voyages, to go on a voyage. A voyage is a journey by sea. You may have a voyage on the river too. What can you tell me about his voyage to the Far East?

[ɪ] lip, ship [ʃɪp], a ship — ships, a large ship, on a ship, on board the ship, to travel by ship. There were many ships in the port [pɔ:t]. Were there many passengers on board the ship?

[ɪ] in, wind [wɪnd], a wind — winds, a strong wind, a cold wind. There was no wind, it was very warm. A strong wind is blowing.

[eɪ] main, change [ʧeɪnʤ]: 1) to change books, to change clothes, to change plans. After the rain I had to change my clothes. They were all wet. We have changed the time of our meeting.

2) to change trains. We had to change trains in London.

— Where do we change? — At the next station, I think.

[u:] true, through [Ɵru:], a through train — through trains.—Where shall we change? — You don’t have to change, as it’s a through train. Buy a ticket for a through train to Moscow, please. I don’t want to change.

['aɪə] fire, tired ['taɪəd], a tired face, a tired smile, a tired look, to be tired (of). I am tired of this song. Are you tired after your long journey? I don’t think he is ever tired.

[ɪ] kiss, miss [mɪs], to miss — missed, to miss a bus, to miss a train. I’ll have to get up early tomorrow. I’mafraid I will miss my bus. Go to the railway station at 5, then you won’t miss the train to London.

[æ] match, catch [kætʃ], to catch — caught — caught, to catch a train, to catch a bus, to catch a plane. Harry caught a plane to London and arrived there at 3. Mary always catches a bus to get to the office.

 No 59. Exercise 12.            

Travelling and Transport


A: What bus do I take to the Pushkin Museum?

B: Take bus 79.

A: Is there a bus stop near here?

B: Yes, there is. It’s on the opposite side, just in front of the cinema.

A: How long will it take me to get there?

B: I think about half an hour at this time of the day.

There is a lot of traffic now. A: Look, bus 79 is coming.

B: Oh, thank you.


A: Excuse me, how do I get to the centre of the city?

B: Which part of the centre do you want?

A: Red Square.

B: Take a bus or the underground. It’ll take you a long time to walk there.

A: Can you tell me the shortest way to the underground? B: Go straight ahead. You can’t miss it.