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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 38

PART 2 Lesson 38

No 63. Exercise 9.

[ɔ:] water, quarter ['kwɔ:tə], a quarter — quarters, a quarter of an apple, a quarter of an hour, in a quarter of an hour, at a quarter past two, at a quarter to eight. — What’s a quarter of 64? — It’s 16. A quarter of an hour is fifteen minutes. Shall we meet in a quarter of an hour? — What’s the time? — It’s a quarter past twelve.

[i:] meat, seat [si:t], a seat — seats, to take a seat. Bring two more chairs so that there are seats for everyone. I couldn’t get a seat on the bus. Won’t you take a seat?

[eɪ] age, stage [steɪʤ], a stage — stages, on the stage. The dancer came onto the stage and began to dance.

[aɪ] nice, rise [raɪz], to rise — rose — risen, to rise from a seat, to rise from a sofa. The sun rises in the East. What time does the sun rise in summer? When we lived in the country we rose at 7 every morning. The wind rose quickly.

[ɔ:] form, perform [pə'fɔ:m], to perform — performed, to perform on the stage, to perform on the piano, to perform a play. We would like to perform at our school theatre. 

performance [pə'fɔ:məns], a performance — performances, a wonderful performance. When does the performance begin?

performer [pə'fɔ:mə], a performer — performers. How many performers are there on the stage?

audience ['ɔ:dɪəns], a large audience, to have a large audience. That television programme has an audience of millions. There was a large audience at the theatre.

No 64. Exercise 15


Helen: Hello! Hello! Alice, it’s me, Helen.

Alice: Oh, Helen, hi! How are you?

Helen: Fine. And how are you?

Alice: I’m fine too. Look here, Helen, are you doing anything special tonight?

Helen: No, not really. Why?

Alice: I’ve got two tickets for the ballet “Shchelkunchik”.

          Have you seen it? Would you like to join me?

Helen: I’d love to. It’s at the Bolshoi, isn’t it?

Alice: Unfortunately, not tonight. It’s on the other stage. But the dancers are the same and the scenery is the same too.

Helen: That suits me fine. But what about our seats? Are the tickets expensive?

Alice: I’m sorry, they are not cheap, but they are in the stalls and we’ll see the stage very well.

Helen: OK. When and where shall we meet?

Alice: I’ll be at the bus stop at a quarter to 7.

Helen: Bye-bye, then.

Alice: Bye.

[a:] March, part [pa:t], a part — parts, an important part, to know the part, to learn the part by heart, to play a part. He acted his part well. Mr A. played a very important part in the life of the city.

to take part in. He takes part in all the performances.

[aɪ] seaside, decide |dɪ'saɪd], to decide — decided, to decide to do smth. He decided to become a pilot. It’s difficult to decide who is right.