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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 40

PART 2 Lesson 40

No 67. Exercise 9.

[æ] and, land [lænd], a land — lands, my native land, to visit different lands. This land is your land. Walt Disney has made a new land for children and their parents.

[i:] seen, screen [skri:n], a screen — screens, to be on the screen. The teacher asked me to look at the screen.

[e] chess, success [sək'ses], to be a success. The little girl was a great success at the school concert. The new play was a big success. The plan was a great success.

[ei] date, create [krɪ'eɪt], to create — created, to    create a character, to create a part, to create a new    land. A writer creates characters ['kærəktəz] in his books.    Who has created this wonderful work of art?

[i:] meat, mean [mi:n], to mean — meant — meant. I don’t understand what you meant when you said it. — “Red” meant beautiful in old Russia. — What do you mean? — I mean that Red Square was called “Beautiful Square” many centuries ago.

[e] bell, tell [tel], to tell — told — told, to tell smb about smth, to tell a lie, to tell the truth, to tell fairy tales. Tell me where you live. I told him my name. Mother told us to be quiet. Never tell a lie. He told the news to everybody in the house.

[ɔ:] autumn, also ['ɔ:lsəʊ]. He swims well and he is also a good tennis player. Does she also speak English?

North, born [bɔ:n], to be born. A. S. Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet, was born in 1799. L. N. Tolstoy was born in 1828. — When were you born? — I was born twelve years ago.

 No 68. Exercise 16.            


Jack: Hello, mum ... I’m at home!

Mum: Hello, Jack. Are you tired, dear?

Jack: Yes, I am. What’s the time?

Mum: It’s a quarter past six.

Jack: Oh, that late? What’s on television tonight?

Mum: There’s a good musical programme on at a quarter past eight.

Jack: Yes... and there’s a good programme on after the news.

Mum: Shall we watch it? It’s my favourite soap opera.

Jack: Oh, no! I can’t watch it after all. There’s a football match on BBC-2 at the same             time.

Mum: But, Jack, I would love to see the soap opera.

Jack: OK, mum. I’ll go and watch the match at granny’s.