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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 41

PART 2 Lesson 41

No 70. Exercise 15.

Mike: Hello, Nick! Where are you going?

Nick: To the library.

Mike: To the library? I didn’t know you were fond of going there.

Nick: You’re right! I seldom visit libraries. But now I must write a story for my Russian            class about a trip to a place I have never been to.

Mike: Did your teacher tell you to go to the library?

Nick: No, he didn’t. He asked us to use our imagination, but I can’t.

Mike: So, what are you going to do?

Nick: To look through some books. That’s why I’m going to the library.

Mike: Good luck to you!

 No 71. Exercise 16.            


(By Adelaide Love)

A book, I think, is very like

A little golden door,

That takes me into places

Where I’ve never been before.

         It leads me into fairyland

         Or countries strange and far.

         And, best of all, the golden door

         Always stands ajar.

No 69 ex.8

[ɒ] not, novel ['nɒvl], a novel — novels, a long novel, an interesting novel, a famous novel, my favourite novel, the novels by L. Tolstoy, the novels by I. Turgenev. My mother is fond of reading novels. A novel usually tells us about different places and people like those in real life.

[i] in, fiction ['fɪkʃn], a work of fiction. Novels and short stories are works of fiction. He likes to read works of fiction. I’m not fond of history, I’m fond of fiction, listen ['lɪsn], to listen — listened, to listen to a concert, to listen to music, to listen to a teacher. Listen to me, please! I’m listening to you but I don’t hear anything.

[u:] truth, true [tru:], a true story, a true letter, a true friend, a true teacher. Is the news true? Is it true that you have bought a car? Everything he told you is true.

[ɔ:] more, boring ['bɔ:rɪŋ], a boring book, a boring soap opera, a boring film, a boring play. Nobody is fond of reading boring books. The film was not interesting, it was long and boring.

[aɪ] life, library ['laɪbrərɪ], a good library, a big library. Mary went to the school library to take out some books. I never study in the library.

[e] ever, whatever [wɒt'evə], Take whatever you want to eat. Whatever he says is very important. Don’t change your plans, whatever happens.

wherever [weər'evə]. I will go wherever you go. You must find him wherever he is.