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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 43

PART 2 Lesson 43

No 73. Exercise 5.

[ʌ] love, discover [dɪ'skʌvə], to discover — discovered, to discover a land. Who discovered America? It is important to discover how it has happened. We suddenly discovered that it was too late to catch the train.

discoverer [dɪə'skʌvərə]. A discoverer is one who discovers. Who was the discoverer of the electron [ɪ'lektrɒn]? Do you know any discoverers?

discovery [dɪ'skʌvərɪ], a great discovery, an important discovery. I have read a very interesting book about important discoveries of our century.

[eɪ] main, sail [seɪl], a sail — sails. The sail caught the wind and the boat started to move. There was a beautiful white sail on the boat.

to sail — sailed. The boat sailed out of the port. The ship will sail for America in two weeks. When are you going to sail?

sailor, a good sailor, a bad sailor. Would you like to become a sailor? — What does he do? — He is a sailor.
[i:] each, reach [ri:ʧ], to reach — reached, to reach the mountain, to reach the port. We started for London in the morning and reached the city at 5 o’clock. When shall we reach the port?

 No 74. Exercise 10.            


(By Robert Louis Stevenson)

The world is so full

Of a number of things.

I’m sure we should all

Be happy as kings.