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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 46

PART 2 Lesson 46

No 79. Exercise 10.

[eɪ] plate, native ['neɪtɪv], a native land, a native city, a native place. One of the native animals of India is the tiger. Tom is a native American.

[ŋ] song, along [a'lɒŋ], along the street, along the road, to travel along the river. The dog was running along behind the boy. Flowers grew along the road. Go along the street.

[ʌ] but, nut [nʌt], a nut — nuts, a big nut. A nut is a dry fruit of a plant, or the seed of a plant. Let’s go and buy some nuts.

[ʊ] good, wood [wʊd|. We build houses of wood. We often make furniture of wood.

wooden ['wʊdn], a wooden house, a wooden box, a wooden chair. There was a large, wooden box in my granny’s bedroom.

[i:] meat, peace [pi:s], to live in peace. All the people in the world want to live in peace.

peaceful ['pi:sfʊl], a peaceful group, a peaceful country, a peaceful evening, a peaceful city. Let’s have a peaceful evening at home.

[ʌ] run, hunt [hʌnt], to hunt — hunted, to hunt a wolf, to hunt a fox. In old times kings always hunted in woods and forests.

hunter ['hʌntə]. My father is a good hunter. Boys are often fond of hunting. American Indians were clever hunters.

[ə] hope, smoke [sməʊk], to smoke — smoked. — Do you smoke?

—    No, I don’t. Many Americans have stopped smoking.

[e] friend, friendship ['frendʃɪp], to live in friendship. Our friendship is strong. There is not much friendship between these two countries. I’m proud of our friendship.

 No 80. Exercise 15.            

a)    — Jack! You’re back!

—    Haven’t seen you for a long time! How’ve you been?

—    Just fine. It’s been a long time.

b)    — I’m glad to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.

—    I’m glad to meet you. I’ve heard so many nice things about you.

c)    — What’s your name? Where are you from?

—    My name is Alice. I’m from England.

—    How long have you been here?

—    I’ve been here for 3 days.