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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 51

PART 2 Lesson 51

No 88. Exercise 9.

[aɪ] rise, advise [ad'vaɪz], to advise — advised, to advise smb to

do smth. His doctor advised him not to eat so many sweets. If you don’t feel well, I advise you to stay in bed.

advice [əd'vaɪs] (always in the singular), good advice, to take advice, to follow one’s advice, to ask for advice. He gave me clever advice. It was good advice. May I ask you for advice? The advice is good, but I can’t follow it.

[з:] her, person ['pз:sn], a person — persons, two persons, a clever person, a boring person, a very important person (VIP). Who is this person?

personal ['pз:snl], a personal question, a personal diary. She is fond of asking personal questions.

[əʊ] most, host [həʊst], a host — hosts, a friendly host, a good host. A host is a man who invites people to come to his home as his guests. We thanked our host for the wonderful party.

hostess ['həʊstɪs], a hostess — hostesses. A hostess is a woman who invites people to come to her home as her guests.

[u:] do, move [mu:v], to move — moved, to move quickly, to move slowly, to move to the city, to move into a new flat. Move the chair nearer to the fire. Move away from the fireplace if it’s very hot. We moved into a new flat last month.

rule [ru:l], a rule — rules, a difficult rule, an easy rule, a grammar rule, as a rule... Rules tell you what to do and what not to do. One of the rules when you are at the

table is. not to speak when your mouth is full. As a rule he comes in late.

[æ] taxi, relax [rɪ'læks], to relax — relaxed. My father likes to relax by reading the newspapers. A hot bath helped me (to) relax.

[eɪ] may, maybe ['meɪbɪ]. Maybe he is right, but maybe he is wrong. Maybe he’ll write a letter to you. Maybe he’ll sell his computer. Maybe “yes”, maybe “no”, maybe rain, maybe snow.

 No 89. Exercise 14.            


(By Caroline Graham)

Where were you born?

           I’d rather not say.

Where are you from?

           I’d rather not say.

How tall are you?

How old are you?

How much do you weigh?

           I’d rather not say.

Where were you last night?

           I’d rather not say.

Why weren’t you home?

           I’d rather not say.

Did you stay out late?

Did you have a good time?

Did you see a good play?

           I’d rather not say.