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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 53

PART 2 Lesson 53

No 91. Exercise 1.

[æ] sand, bank [bæŋk], a bank — banks, a river bank, a bank of a lake, the right bank, the left bank. A bank is the land along the side of a river. Flowers were growing on the banks of the river.

[i:] green, between [bɪ'twi:n]. The table is between the chairs. Now the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. There was friendship between the two brothers. There was great love between them.

[e] every, enemy ['enəmɪ], an enemy — enemies. An enemy is someone who is unfriendly. A successful man often has many enemies. There are no enemies here. Have you got any enemies?

[əʊ] nobody, noble ['nəʊbl], a noble family, noble actions, a noble profession. Teaching is a noble profession. He comes from a noble family.

[ɒ] dog, honest ['ɒnɪst], an honest man, an honest girl, honest people. An honest person does not lie or steal.

[əʊ] hello, devoted [dɪ'vəʊtɪd], a devoted friend, to be devoted to smb/smth. My devoted friend will do anything for me. He is devoted to music. He has always been devoted to me.

[eɪ] gave, brave [breɪv], a brave man, a brave girl. A person who is brave can face danger without being afraid. The brave girl jumped into the water to help the child, bravery ['breɪvərɪ]. He is famous for his bravery.

[з:] dirty, birch [bз:ʧ], a birch — birches, a white birch, the Russian birch. The leaves of the birch are green and fresh. There are a lot of birch trees in Russian forests.

 No 92. Exercise 10.            


Here is my hand, friend, here is my hand,

Over to you from my bonny1 homeland;

Building the future, comrades, are we,

Here is my hand, friend, over the sea.

        Over to you, friend, over to you!

        Here is my hand, friend, we will be true,—

        True to youth’s promise never to break,

        True to the new world we’re going to make.

Here is my hand, friend, over to you!

Building the future, we will be true —

True to the new world, let it ring clear,

Peace is our future, peace must live here!