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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 54

PART 2 Lesson 54

No 93. Exercise 5.

[ɒ] not, top [tɒp], top is the highest (upper) part of smth, at the top of the hill, at the top of the mountain, at the top of the page, at the top of the class. The old Russian town was situated at the top of the hill.

[aʊ] ground, found [faʊnd], to found — founded, to found a new city, to found a school, to found a family, to write a story which is founded on facts. They founded a town on the banks of the river. Yuri Dolgoruky founded Moscow.

[æ] cap, map [mæp], a map — maps, a map of the world, a map of Russia. A map can show you countries and towns, seas, mountains, rivers and oceans. Look at the map! Where is the river Volga on the map?

[ʌ] sung, young [jʌŋ], young — younger — the youngest, a young woman, a young man, young trees. My granny looks quite young for her age. When Mr Jones was young, he lived in Italy.

[əʊ] spoke, stone [stəʊn], a stone — stones, a stone wall, a stone tower, to throw stones at smb/smth. Don’t throw stones at dogs. People use stones to build houses.

 No 94. Exercise 12.            


In my country, we are happy.

In my country, we are happier.

In my country, we are the happiest of all.

In my country, we are friendly.

In my country, we are friendlier.

In my country, we’re the friendliest of all.

Chorus: My country, your country,

                                 travel east or west.

If north is good and south is better,

                                which land is the best?