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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 55

PART 2 Lesson 55

No 96. Exercise 9.

[ɔ:] warm, war [wɔ:], a war —wars, a war against smb, to be at war, to go to war, a terrible war, a world war. We have had two world wars in this century. These countries are at war. They went to war to fight for their independence.

[a:] arm, army ['a:mɪ], an army — armies, to be in the army, to join the army, to go into the army. When did he go into the army?

[ɪ] in, win [wɪn], to win — won [wʌn] — won, to win a fight, to win a war. The Russian army won the war in 1812. Do you know who will win? She won third place.

[e] again, against [ə'genst], to be against smb/smth. My mother is against having any animals in the house. We will fight against the enemy. My friends are against this idea.

[æ] apple, battle ['bætl], a battle — battles, a battle against smb/smth, to fight a battle, to take part in a battle, to win the battle. A battle is a fight between armies. His great-grandfather took part in the battle against Napoleon.

[aɪ] lie, die [daɪ], to die — died, to die in (a) battle, to die in (a) war, to die in one’s bed, to die of smth, to die for one’s country. The officers died for their Motherland. He died in his sleep. She is very ill and I am afraid she is dying. The flowers will die soon if you leave them without water.

[ɪ] ill, kill [kɪl], to kill — killed, to kill animals, to kill people in a war. The cold killed flowers in the garden.

[ɪ] it, victory ['vɪktərɪ], a victory — victories, a victory over the enemy, to win a victory, to lead the army to victory. The general led his army to victory. They won an easy victory.

 No 97. Exercise 14.            



In my land, it’s very sunny.

In my land, it is sunnier.

In my land, it’s the sunniest of all.

In my land, the skies are blue.

In my land, they’re bluer.

In my land, they’re the bluest of all.


My country, your country,

                    travel east or west.

If north is good and south is better,

                    which land is the best?