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Тексты аудиокурса 4 класс к Уроку 56

PART 2 Lesson 54

No 98. Exercise 8.

[əʊ] sold, soul [səʊl], a soul — souls, a noble soul, a kind soul. The man has no soul. He was the soul of the army. Many people believe that a person’s soul never dies.

[a:] hard, heart [ha:t], a heart — hearts, a heart of gold, a kind heart. When a man’s heart stops beating, he dies. He put his heart and soul into his work. The boy spoke from his heart when he thanked us for his present.

[ɪ] it, hospitable ['hɒspɪtəbl], hospitable — more hospitable — the most hospitable. A hospitable woman, hospitable people. Hospitable people always make you feel comfortable.

[ɪə] near, real [rɪəl], real gold, a real man, a real story. These flowers are real, not plastic ['plæstɪk]. Is this real gold?

really ['rɪəlɪ]. They are really good friends. What do you really think about it? I really like it very much.

 No 99. Exercise 15.            



In my    land, the grass is green.

In my    land, it is greener.

In my    land, it’s the greenest of all.

In my    land, it is peaceful.

In my    land, it’s more peaceful.

In my    land, it’s the most peaceful of all.


My country, your country,

                    travel east or west.

If north is good and south is better,

                    which place is the best?

My country, your country,

                    travel east or west.

Learn to live with one another...

                    One world is the best.

                    One world is the best.